Come to Arizona Taco Festival Oct 17-18 2015 to Taste the Real Southwest



Taco Party Scottsdale 2014There are few destinations that capture the feel of the Southwest like Scottsdale, Arizona. Located near Phoenix, this growing city is known as the West’s Most Western Town. With historical sites and western-themed attractions, Scottsdale can literally give visitors a real taste of the Southwest.

To whet your appetite with all Scottsdale has to offer, make a point to attend the Arizona Taco Festival. This yearly event takes place every fall, and the 2014 festivities start on October 18. For two days, the Arizona Taco Festival attracts people from all around the region with food, fun and much more at Scottsdale's Salt River Fields.

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If you have never been to the Arizona Taco Festival, here are some things to anticipate.

1. The tacos. The Arizona Taco Festival features the best Southwestern fare to be found anywhere. However, for those who have never attended before, it is worth noting the full scope of the tacos on hand. The heart of the festival is a taco competition, which allows anyone to enter their best taco recipes for visitors to try. This means that there are countless taco options with different categories for poultry, beef, pork and seafood. The menu expands beyond tacos as well. Participants can feature side dishes such as salsa, guacamole, dessert tacos and more. Guests can try any number of dishes for just $2 a sample. This makes for an affordable way to try a wide range of the best Southwestern dishes around.

2. The competitions. Although many people come to eat, the Arizona Taco Festival is still a competition. The best entries from each category are announced, including a people’s choice award. Awards are presented each night of the festival. However, there are also activities that extend beyond food. There are a full range of competitions throughout the weekend, featuring fun Southwestern events like the Hot Chile Pepper Eating Contest or the Arm Wrestling for Tacos competition. Other fun options include the Best Sombrero Contest, the Chihuahua Beauty Pageant and the ultimate Taco Eating Contest.

3. The entertainment. There will be other entertainment choices throughout the weekend. Lucha Libre Wrestling will be featured all weekend, and there is also a live music stage for ongoing performances. Cooking demonstrations are on the schedule in addition to Chef Hat Decorating. There will also be other vendors on hand for food, drink and more. With all this, the Arizona Taco Festival is an inclusive experience that offers something for the whole family.

4. The VIP treatment. While every guest has access to the fun and entertainment, guests can also upgrade their ticket for access to the VIP Tent. The VIP Tent gives guests special access to renowned vendors that normal ticket holders do not get to experience. Other perks include a drink card and taco tokens. Additionally, those with VIP tickets get to use an exclusive entrance and will be able to use premium bathrooms for a more comfortable experience overall.

5. The destination. As a two day event, the Arizona Taco Festival is a perfect overnight experience. However, because of this, most guests will need to arrange accommodations in Scottsdale. Fortunately, Scottsdale is a wonderful town with a range of other tourist attractions to consider while visiting. Better still, there are numerous hotels to consider, including the Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites. This highly rated facility is located near many attractions in Scottsdale, and it is well situated to support guests at the Arizona Taco Festival.

Get your tastebuds ready, and make your reservations today. The 2015 Arizona Taco Festival is going to be better than ever.