Everything Old Is New Again

Rusty Spur SaloonThings to Do in Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale is a fantastic destination with old western charm and modern amenities, making it ideal for the whole family.

Although the American west has largely been tamed, it is still possible to enjoy the rugged sense of adventure in Scottsdale, Arizona. While the entire city has a lot to offer, Old Town Scottsdale is of particular interest. Old Town Scottsdale offers shopping, dining and entertainment in a historical setting. If you have never been to Old Town Scottsdale, here is a sampling of what it offers.

1. Rusty Spur Saloon.

It is hard to go wrong with a saloon, and the Rusty Spur is better than most. The saloon is housed in an old bank, which closed during the 1930s. The vault may no longer hold any money but it does hold the drinks, which can be just as important to visitors. With this fun atmosphere, the Rusty Spur Saloon is a tourist attraction and local favorite, often attracting even famous clientele.

2. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

While Old Town Scottsdale may stand out for its ties to the past, not everything in the area is old. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is a fantastic venue. The museum is located in an old movie theater, which was dramatically renovated to preserve the history of the building while making it suitable for modern guests. Now the museum has five galleries, which showcase the museum’s growing collection.

Little Red Schoolhouse3. Sugar Bowl.

While there may be other venues for a cold snack in Scottsdale, none are quite as fun as the Sugar Bowl. This ice cream store still retains the look and feel of an old-time ice cream parlor. The building was built in the 1950s, and although it was originally a general store, it has stayed open by focusing on sweet treats instead. The Sugar Bowl is still family owned and operated, making it a great destination for people of all ages.

4. The Little Red Schoolhouse.

Historically, the Little Red Schoolhouse served as the local school for elementary students in the area. Through the years, the location has served other purposes and has been known as the City Hall and Justice Court, the Public Library and even the Chamber of Commerce. Today, guests can visit it as the Scottsdale Historical Museum and learn all about the history of the area.

5. Cavalliere’s Blacksmith Shop.

The Cavalliere family has been operating the blacksmith shop since the early 1900s. Originally, the shop was at the edge of town, but Scottsdale has since grown around it. Although many things have changed in Scottsdale, Cavalliere’s still does standard blacksmith work. However, in acknowledgement of the shop’s status as a popular tourist attraction, the shop produces decorative iron products as well.

These options are just the start. With Old Town Scottsdale, there is always something new. Stop by and discover it for yourself today.

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